by sunny b

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songs i've written in the past 2 months


released April 22, 2016


tags: acoustic Iowa


all rights reserved


sunny b Iowa

anyway, here's wonderwall

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Track Name: in the air
in the air
i feel scared
you're not there
i don't care
Track Name: rickie
in the girl's bathroom
you know what they assume
applying eyeliner in the mirror

skipping biology
still wishing you'd be free from your worry and fear

kicking down the door, kicking down the door, what are you hiding for?
falling on the floor, falling on the floor, what are you waiting for?

rickie, rickie, you've made it nearly
rickie, rickie, they love you dearly

pretending that you don't care
pretending that they don't stare
you're the odd one out

you really like his pants
you ask him to the dance to see what he's about

painting on the wall, painting on the wall, when are you going to call?
walking down the hall, walking down the hall, i want you most of all

corey, corey, you'll be sorry
corey, corey, you'll be sorry
Track Name: static
i’ve tried giving myself another chance
and i’ve tried teaching myself how to dance
but it seems i always stumble and fall for you
that seems to be the only thing that i can do
i’ve tried writing a novel or two
and i’ve tried making things out of glue
but it sticks to my hands, making sores
would you mind lending me yours?
i watch you walk by my window every day
i don’t have the courage to ask you to stay
you’re dependable and wonderful and really the best
i’m dissatisfied, antagonized, and really a mess

don’t hold your tongue even though i’m sensitive
i hope you don’t find this song too repetitive
because i always use the same four chords
which is alright as long as you’re not bored
i need a job, but no one is hiring
i like to look at art, i find it inspiring
i feel the same way every day
when i see you, sorry i can’t explain
i like to write poems, but they’re always disturbing
i like to sing songs, but my voice is unnerving
you’re motivated, contemplative, and really a riot
i’m repulsively impulsive and not very quiet
Track Name: love 2 sleep
you know i love to sleep
i do it once a week
i wish i could say "i love you"
but it's not april fools
and i don't break the rules
i don't cry, i don't lie
i don't know why
you know i love to sleep
i do it once a week
Track Name: short & delete
i write a lot of love songs
none of them are that great
i hear a lot of love songs
from a world so full of hate
and i don’t know any of the words
but if i did, i sing them to you
and if i had a million dollars
i’d give some to you, but i’d save some of it too
because my brain, repeats your name
but if I were you, i wouldn’t think the same
Track Name: or would you?
i say goodbye to the love i’ve lost
i say hello again because it’s all i got
i need you, don’t leave me behind
but you’re preoccupied; i’m not on your mind

i spent so much time alone,
nothing is real
i spend too much time alone,
that’s just how i feel

if i disclose, all of my woes
will you hold me close?
or would you rather not know?

green balloons and a birthday wish
dreaming of a new year’s kiss
i shiver as i walk through the snow
i hum as i go a song from long ago

there’s not much you’ve shown
it’s no big deal
there’s too much i’ve known
it’s not ideal

if i were to kiss, you on the lips
would you be fine with it?
or would it make you feel sick?
Track Name: opposites repel
when we’re together, i’m happy and you’re mad
i always make the conversation go bad
we don’t hold hands when we walk
i try to think of anything so we can talk
but then the moment’s gone
you’ve already moved on
if you love me, just let me know
but i know you hate me, i’ll just go
i run out the door
you don’t like me anymore
you make me laugh, i make you sick
it’s pretty simple arithmetic
i cut my hair, it looks ugly
i hope that you can still love me
but you never did
who am i trying to kid
if you want me, just hold out your arm
and if you need me, i’ll grab on
because holding you tight
makes me feel alright
Track Name: i'm sorry, i'm bored
i didn’t do my homework last night
i have a test, i think i might cry
i don’t know what time i went to bed
but it was in the AM

classroom etiquette, can’t get the hang of it
it’s just so hard to sit
still, still I watch the time go by
like i do every day of my life
every day of my life

i’m bored, i’m just tired, don’t worry, i think i should go home
don’t look at me, i’m ugly, i’ve been busy, no, leave me alone

oh no, someone rang the doorbell
should i hide, or should i go tell
them that i don’t want to buy anything?
or will they be too convincing?

interaction, dissatisfaction
i can never get the right reaction
i don’t know how to talk to other people
if it’s nonsense you want, i’ve got a mouthful
i’ve got a mouthful

i’m sorry, can’t help you, excuse me, i take back what i said
could you repeat yourself, i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it, yes, go ahead