by sunny b

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this album is called open, i was very genuine when writing it and very uncritical when recording it - *infomercial voice* my most honest album yet!


released January 29, 2017



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sunny b Iowa

anyway, here's wonderwall

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Track Name: light & airy
i feel light & airy
no i feel weary
no i feel dreadful
no it's a mouthful
Track Name: my dead caterpillar, henry
dead caterpillars haunt me
there's some things i can't unsee
i can't unsee

henry, henry, henry
henry, henry, henry
Track Name: impulsive repulsive hungry kid
i'll be in the salt cave
facing u the wrong way
hoping no one noticed
the way i've become unhinged

i'll be in the ice room
tending to my flesh wounds
impulsive repulsive hungry kid
slowly learning i can't be fixed

i'll be floating away
something that can't be saved
the sky is light & soft pink
sometimes i just don't think

sometimes i just don't think
Track Name: open
sugar sweet cinnamon wound
this body’s not a temple, it’s a small tomb
i’m open wide, look inside
some empty space that’s been glorified

snap snap snap snap snap me out of it
wrap wrap wrap wrap me in a blanket
i’m free free free free freezing in the cold
i’m a rotting corpse not a dying marigold

why why
do u always lie?

why why
is it so hard to say good bye
Track Name: one of these days
isn’t it terrible to be awake?
& if i haven’t cried yet today
there’s still time you just wait
i know you said everything is ok
i hope i believe u one of these days

i go for walks late at night
just me, my dog, & a flashlight
i look into every window we pass
i don’t see much, we walk too fast
we’ll slow down one of these days

one of these days

i can’t look anyone in the eye
eye i eye i eye
i can’t face the facts for too long
i gotta run run run run run

one of these days i’ll stop running away
today is not that day
Track Name: nothing in particular
we are two people standing perpendicular
we aren't doing anything in particular
lousy & pitiful, we are like a vehicular
accident that has ended in manslaughter

whatever manslaughter homicidal mother
wishing you would care enough to scrape me off the street and take me home
there was metal in my bones

nothing in particular
Track Name: cutting holes
i cut holes in my shoes
so my toes have more room

i cut holes in my clothes
so i can feel the cold

i cut holes in my heart
so it won't burst apart

you cut holes in my head
so you can see what it's fed

i cut holes in my gloves
so my fingertips can feel the sun
feel the sun
Track Name: it's yr world, i'm just living in it
it's yr world, i'm just living in it/
what u say i am. that's what i am