pink tongue

by sunny b

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released September 25, 2016



all rights reserved


sunny b Iowa

anyway, here's wonderwall

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Track Name: pink tongue
pink tongue, black nose
big eyes, dog clothes

soft fur, curly tail
scratch the couch, broken nail

soft whine, big bark
going to the dog park

late night walks, midnight treats
i kiss your head, then we sleep

pink tongue, black nose
big eyes, dog clothes
Track Name: let's hangout sometime
it seems the rain keeps falling on my head
will you cry when i’m dead
or will you get drunk and dance on my grave
at least one of is around to misbehave

did you hear that i’m pretty slick with a stove
i can make some pretty mean mashed potatoes
you can do all types of things better than me
you’re clean you’re well-adjusted and you’re pretty

smart and stuff, ya know a lot about jazz
and i can only listen and try to look as
cool as you do when you’re lounging on my bed
you’re completely chilled and i’m red

with embarrassment i play with my sleeves
you wear a short skirt and socks up to your knees
i’m wearing a hat to hide my bad haircut
all of your friends call to say “hey, what’s up”

you need a cigarette
i will regret
all the things that i’ve said
Track Name: plucky synth
it's a plucky synth
Track Name: remember when
remember when we biked to that zoo
remember when we smoked there too
i feel nostalgic in the summer, 100 miles is a bummer

remember when we almost touched lips
remember when i wished we had kissed
we spent every day together, but i guess those days are over

remember when we had our first date
remember how we stayed out late
and you were so in love, and now i’m so fucked up
Track Name: you/me
it's you forever
it's me never
Track Name: am i ugly or what? (demo)
i wish you would find me pretty
you didn’t say you do but
do you really?

you didn’t say you could but
could you really?

you didn’t say you would but
would you really?

you didn’t say you can but
can you love me?