theft (the ep)

by sunny b

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released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


sunny b Iowa

anyway, here's wonderwall

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Track Name: disillusioned
beauty is a lie, that’s why i wish
i was very beautiful, so i wouldn’t exist

you ask me what i want, i want everything
being rich and happy is a dream

i watch the clock move, but i don’t feel sad
‘cause when my time’s up, i know i’ll be glad
Track Name: dysfunctional
picking fights, it’s no surprise
you’re always fighting with him, or with me, or with them
my house is too loud, i can’t relax i feel crowded
some more derogatory comments, i think i’m going to vomit

you just can’t keep your mouth shut, can you?
you just always have something to say
you just can’t let it go, can you?
you text me every minute when i’m away

i gotta get out of here, i can’t take this much longer
why does he still live here? has his tolerance gotten stronger?
you’re angry cause i’m bitter, you’re sad cause i’m a quitter
and i’m walking out of this game, everyone and no one is to blame

can someone please let me out?
can someone please hear me out?
can someone please get me out?
can someone please help me out?
Track Name: makes me wanna
i wish i could go to her house
i wish i could sit on her couch
and we could play mario kart
and sit not very far apart

i want to play with her hands
and try on her pants
because her pockets are deeper than mine

and then i’ll slip my hands inside, and she’ll slip her hands inside, and i won’t mind

i wanna die, but she makes me feel alive
walk with bare feet, we leave, we meet, and she will always be with me

i wish we could sit on her roof
my heart is not bulletproof
and i’d babble while we sit
and then we’d kiss for a bit

i want to listen to blondie
and sing along softly
because i don’t want her to hear me

and I’ll be embarrassed, she won’t feel embarrassed, and i’ll be careless

i feel alive, but she makes me wanna die
i won’t eat, and i won’t sleep, and she won’t think of me

she won’t think of me

because i’m forgettable, i’m replaceable, so invisible, erasable
Track Name: nostalgia
an overcast sky and a blank page in my journal
i would write, but my nonsense remains internal
i burn the used pages, a flame swallows my memories
and as i breathe, the smoke makes me cough up my miseries

don’t wanna get all

i’ll just go to the house where i was raised
but then i remember that all of my friends moved away
and have grown up and got boyfriends and are off to college
i’m just sitting in my room, i’ve done nothing to acknowledge

hello kaystyn, how have u been?
oh, miss emma, i’ve a dilemma

nihilistic tendencies have made my mind uneasy
please, will you please, rip me out and set fire to me
Track Name: what's wrong with u
sometimes the way you whisper sounds like the way you yell
and sometimes the way you joke sounds so serious, i can never tell
you say you care, but then it seems like you don’t
you say you will, but i know that you won’t

i burned the picture i had of us
so now i’m smiling and you’re just dust

sometimes i think you’re nice, but mostly i just hate your guts
and sometimes i wish our friendship would go back to the way it was
you say sorry, but i know that you’re not
you don’t say sorry, so i’m like what the fuck

a few years from now, i’ll never see you again
and i’ll probably forget we were ever friends

sometimes i feel more alone than ever
but without you, my life is so much better