you tell me

by sunny b

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i'm not really feelin' it


released November 27, 2016



all rights reserved


sunny b Iowa

anyway, here's wonderwall

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Track Name: beauty isn't everything
beauty isn’t everything but there
isn’t much else
i see beauty all around but i don’t
see it in myself

what a beautiful day to be alive
what a beautiful day to go ahead and die

beauty is everything and it
drives me up the wall
beauty is so temporary so i say
we waste it all
Track Name: preparty overthinking
Track Name: heaven on earth
i watched the sun explode
the whole world turned cold
i wished you were there
but that’d be weird

we held hands and kissed
but you missed my lips
you kissed the sky instead
you and the stars soon to be wed

we watched the clouds dissolve
i felt fine, you were appalled
i drank the acid rain
life’s an old ball and chain
Track Name: unfortunately
there is no emotion, just instinct
unfortunately instinct sometimes fails me
one move the wrong way, it stings
unfortunately instinct sometimes ends me

i always learn the hard way
unfortunately trouble always finds me
i’ll rain on my own damn parade
unfortunately trouble always maims me
Track Name: never told u so
ellen, me oh my, all she does is cry
there’s something about living that makes her want to die
her father never told her so

ollie ollie oh, off to work he goes
fueled not by food but by rock and roll
his mother never told him so

pretty little karen, with a heart so barren
another failed attempt, but at least she’s trying
her mother never told her so

dear lou, what are ya gonna do?
the world is cruel, but how much? you never knew
your father never told you so
Track Name: fading away
you sleep in past four
i’m knocking at your door
you won’t let me in
should i come again?

i look for you until i rust
but i can’t find you, only dust
but aren’t we all dust anyway?
will you see me one of these days?

am i so naïve to believe
that you’re not really avoiding me?
well, i trust what you said
yet i know you’ll only care when i’m dead

you’ll only think of me when i’m dead
you’ll only cry for me when i’m dead
you’ll finally like me
i wish i was dead